Hi, my name is Reine Kizy Louma Eya, the face behind Reine Prestige Events. I am passionate about logistics, financial management; interior design and female leadership.
Originally from Gabon, I moved to Quebec more than 20 + years ago.
Arrived very young, I did my secondary school and all my university studies In Canada.
married to my left lung which is totally my opposite. Me, very expressive and passionate, Him, very calm and collected.We complement each other perfectly. He knows how to calm my ardor when I have a thousand projects in mind and I sometimes know how to shake up his routine which he values so much. We have two little boys, so at home I am a visible minority, ladies, I think you understand me easily.


Life is full of surprises, although I have a bachelor’s degree in business management, a master’s degree in finance, crowned by seven years of experience in the banking sector, I have always been interested in event planning. But in fact without wanting it, since my childhood I have always been at the center of several projects whether in my family life,professional or even my associative activities. I’m a logistics fanatic and very often I have to manage the budget for X or Y events, not to mention my crush on interior decoration.


After planning my own stressful DIY wedding, helped by my amazing friends and loved ones,
I knew event planning was my calling and brought together everything I love to do: make a logistical plan, create a budget while allowing me to give free rein to my imagination for decoration.

While organizing my own celebration, I faced a lot of challenges and the lack of professionalism of some service providers. So I said to myself, I want to give people who don’t have time to organize the wedding of their dreams the opportunity to have someone who makes sure everything goes smoothly and who will manage each and every last-minute complications without the bride and groom worrying anything. Confident and highly motivated, I signed up for wedding planner courses and certification in order to perfect my knowledge.


I worked for a long time in the organization of parties in various associations and this allowed me to not only have a pragmatic eye when it comes to budget management, but it allowed me to refine my talents as a logistics expert. Those skills have guided me to succeed in my own wedding celebration.
Our team also includes people with an eye for design and decoration. Through Reine Prestige Events, I intend to put my skills at the service of people like me who have always dreamed of having a breathtaking wedding that represents their values and their culture while being elegant, chic and trendy.


Clara has been passionate about interior design since a very young age, she has always had this taste for aesthetics and will do everything to fulfill your desires!


Béatrice is passionate about works of art and has a strong taste for design and creation. Her dedication to our clients is limitless.


Dayana is a finance student and passionate about Marketing. The world of marriage corresponds to his aspirations to highlight their skills in project management. She will be able to put you completely at ease.